The ISCWP, as indicated in its Constitution, is constructively opens for academic cooperation with some other institutions or associations that more or less share the same goal and concerns and have distinct but complementary emphases and/or coverages.

  • To celebrate the ISCWP 20th anniversary, the ISCWP in cooperation with the international journal Comparative Philosophy is to publish a special issue in Volume 15, No. 2 (July 2024 issue) of the journal Comparative Philosophy on the theme ""Comparative Studies of Chinese Philosophy Toward World Philosophy". The special issue consists of the selected research articles that were presented at the ISCWP co-sponsored workshop, the "Comparative Philosophy Forum – Beijing" 2023 workshop" (1 & 2 August 2023, Beijing), and further revised in response to the participating peers' commentary feedback received at the foregoing workshop event.

  • The ISCWP in cooperation with the study group "Comparative Philosophy Forum - Beijing Study Group, the International Society for Comparative Philosophy toward World Philosophy (CPWP) and the international philosophy journal Comparative Philosophy has co-sponsored the Comparative Philosophy Forum – Beijing” 2023 Workshop “比較哲學論壇·北京” 2023年學術研討會 on the theme "Comparative Studies of Chinese Philosophy Toward World Philosophy" ("走向世界哲學的中國哲學比較研究 ”) on 1st and 2nd August 2023 in Beijing
    [For its details on the theme, see the "NEWS" section of this website; for its "Workshop Program", see the "CONFERENCES/WORKSHOPS" section.]